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My preconception as an educator was to place the most value on what I deemed to be important learning experiences.  While that is very much apart of my agenda I feel now that the transference of knowledge is more important to the education, and to understanding the benefits to an art education.  To clarify; it’s not the value of an event, of a style, or the medium, which is my opinion (and which is important to learn), but how it relates to my students, how the message comes across to create a complete understanding, for me this is equity in art education; the ah ha moments.

This means the type of teaching I’ll present is through constant adjustments; presenting lessons and inquiring of the transfer of knowledge.  I think this is most successful through patience.  Contrary to trying to control the classroom and frustration, which is seen by students, will lose the power structure and a learning environment.  By setting up a communication valued classroom as a place to learn, clear planning is the rule, but learning is tangible.  I’d like to present my classroom as a place that welcomes independent thinking.  The model of my own journal could be reflective to each one of my students; learning is applying, adjusting, research and applying again as a cycle.