Small Pony Productions is Steve Cavanagh and Jordan Grimes.  They have produced short films and photo shoots under the tagline Georgi Bonti.

"We're celebrating ourselves with the desire to make ourselves laugh"

Mixing comedy with deconstructionist narrative works.  With Bonti we're making fun of ourselves and the genre of fashion photography.  With Pony, we're deconstructing script while it's taking place.  It's like we're driving while taking apart the car. 

Here is a demo of their work:

Art Education for me..

Steve: Mainly autodidact, self taught.  I attended classes for a while but learned it on my own, developing an appreciation for long takes, and humor, a love for slap stick, stooges, the video as picture, making history...

Jordan: This is not necessarily traditional, for me it's more cultural.  Art is not significant for me to the extent that I'm able to draw what someone else can draw, but I choose art in part as a way of contributing to the social.