2013 - 2015


UTOTEM was founded on the space between design and art. Jordan Grimes, a furniture maker who has sold and displayed his pieces at multiple venues in the Chicago area, along with Matt Lane and Chris Wawrinofsky, both visual artists who have had their work shown throughout the US and abroad, decided to collborate on a space that could be seen as a venue for the most wild and playful projects of functional object makers and the more controlled and functional output of visual artists.


UTOTEM's goal is to showcase and establish a market for these woodworkers, designers, craftspersons and artists in the Chicagoland area and beyond, who are exploring and pushing the aesthetics and functionality of the materials they're using and the objects they create. We are currently showcasing shelving units and tables by Michael Hogan of Tremont Steel, artist Ben Driggs and furniture makers Nick Lippert, Sean McDougal and Devon Jorgenson as well as jewelry by Sarah Shikama, Alexie Cohen, My Noma and Stephany Colunga. We have large scale macrome ceiling and wall pieces by Noel Morical. Her unique ceramic pots and necklaces are interspersed throughout UTOTEM along with Manal Kara's classic "Sad Mickey" coffee mugs, her crackle cups, weavings and custom hand bags.